Any ethical corporate in the modern time is and should be concerned with the question “How To Be Green?” In real estate industry particularly, energy-efficient properties are needed not only for this arising demand but also as a preemptive solution to the questions of economics, company differentiation and risk management in the long term.

We focus on optimizing designs for sensible energy conservation, natural resources in use, as well as waste disposal during and after construction. By building environment-friendly and durable properties, we take into serious consideration the lasting values of our products to our clients, partners, tenants, and the society as a whole.    


Apart from producing environmentally sound properties, at Viet Capital Real Estate we see people – our employees and communities – as the essential part to everything we do. We invest in our people, respect and nurture the diversity of opinions and talents, and support positive social change and long-term economic growth within our organization and for communities at large.