Our Vision

To realize our corporate philosophy, Viet Capital Real Estate brings a highly competent team and strong financial support from Viet Capital Group to the table. We are committed to providing our clients with real estate products and services of the highest quality.

Viet Capital Real Estate also sets out to create maximum value and sustainable growth for our shareholders, while strongly supporting the development of our people, and contributing to the community.

Our Mission

As a rule of success, one has to know where one wants to go before taking the first step.

At Viet Capital Real Estate, we know that we want to be one of the leading real estate developers in Vietnam. We are here to develop a wide range of properties, all of high quality. Through our work we generate maximum wealth for our shareholders while maintaining the highest international standards of professionalism. We want to grow together with our people by giving the best support to each of our employees’ personal development. Last but not least, we set out to earnestly practice Corporate Social Responsibility by contributing to the community’s well being.